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*** NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2019 *** Our Carp Shakes are very thick in consistency and enriched with Betain, various attractants and flavourings. These thick liquids are a lot rougher in consistency compared to our other liquids, but the multi-use is still applicable. Before use the Carp Shake you need to make sure that the liquid is shaken severely so that all the bigger particles are evenly distributed throughout the liquid. If you want to use the liquid as a boilie or pop up dip, then the longer you soak them the better the end result. If you want to fish a single hookbait, pour some of the Carp Shake over it and a long lasting smoky cloud will be released into the water. You can also use the Carp Shake to put into your particles to create a cloud effect and with the added attraction of the crustaceans and attractants you will pimp your mix or your boilies to the max.
If you want to soak your boilies with the Carp Shakes, we recommend to do that several days before you go fishing to give them a chance to absorb the thick liquid. After a few days they will be nicely covered in the shake and the bigger parts from the liquid.

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