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The boilies and Bait Activator Liquid can do an awful lot. This liquid attractor for carp fishing stems from the method fishing. You would use these liquids to soak your pellets and boilies, to load them with the liquid attractors. In our trial period we quickly realised that the new Bait Activator Liquid can do an awful lot more than we expected. We were surprised to learn that when we soaked dried boilies over night, the boilie has absorbed the liquid to the core. Boilies which are soaked in our Bit Activator Liquid are full of our attractants and therefore, if presented properly, they will give you the edge. The Bait Activator Liquid in its pure form is NOT PVA friendly. However, once fully absorbed by pellets, boilies or other baits it is fine to be used with PVA. Our Bait Activator Liquids come in 1000ml bottles.

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