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The Successful Baits Traveller Boilie is only preserved with salt and therefore long lasting without artificial preservatives and additives. The salt is not actually in the boilies, but on the outside. The salt will absorb the natural aroma of the boilie, and is therefore a very interesting and powerful attractant. Our Team Anglers confirmed to us that because of the salt, the Traveller boilie has real advantages compared to other preserved boilies. These boilies are a real winner as the carp are coming out of spawning season as they crave the added nutrients provided by the salt residue. The Traveller Boilie range is also very practical on long trips where you are not allowed Shelf Life Boilies. Traveller Salted Boilies are as fresh as freezer boilies and as long lasting as Shelf Life Boilies, an absolutely fantastic Successful Baits product. Guaranteed 12 months life without chilling or freezing. There are no negative taste or smell changes through the salt, ideal for long holiday trips. Each bag contains 3kg of boilies and 1kg of salt. Boilies come in 14mm or 18mm, depending on the flavour.

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