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Reviews & Testimonials Which carp fishing baits work the best? What baits are the best for carp fishing? Read reviews and testimonials on Successful Baits UK   

30/3/2017 - Michael Warren 
Genuinely brilliant bait! 
Amazing bait! Love the smell, great for grinding and mixing too! Has really picked up my fishing too! All the staff are amazing and will help in every way they can! Brilliant company and they have my total custom and loyalty for a long time now! 
Review received about VNX+ boilies 
18/4/2017 - Lee Kenwright via FB 
Purchased the VNX ready mix at northern angling show other week. Used it for first time today. Winner, what a belting mix ... I'm just about to put a decent sized order in online now. Thanks. 
31/05/2017 - Steve 
Hi, Received my order this morning, thanks very much for the quick dispatch and the kilo of Nasty Shrimp foc, much appreciated. 
13/06/2017 - Liam McEvoy 
So here she is! First time on this water, the rod rips off at 2030hrs and a 26lb PB - fishing on the outstanding VNX+ Wafter from Successful Baits. To say I am buzzing is an understatement. Trust in the rigs, trust in the bait and the lines will be tight. 
VNX+ Boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Pineapple Boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishig Baits
27/04/2018 - Nick Stillwell 
Caught today on a hinge stiff rig with a white pop up and a bag of crushed Pineapple Shelf Life Boilies - bang on 20lb 
2/4/2017 - Christian Richards via FB 
Visited store at Northern Angling show Sunday, invested in a bag of VNX ready mix, decided to and try it in the afternoon, fished on a drunken method feeder with a banded 6mm. Pellet. Wow what a mix ... 2x 5lb common and plenty of takes. Definitely going to be ordering some more. Well worth it thanks.  
18/4/2017 - Christian Richards via FB  
Having already reviewed the VNX+ product, used it again at the weekend and landed a beautiful 6lb Ghost Koi. Wasn't in for 5 minutes max. Wow... ordered some more tonight. Different flavours too... 
12/06/2017 - Ashley Henry 
Stunning bait lads ..... keep up the good work. First time out 3 runs, 1 mirror landed on the VNX+ when none of my other well known brands did nothing. Have also got the Mussel Insect but haven't had a chance to test them yet - so yes, very happy. 
vnx+ boilies successful baits uk ltd carp fishing baits
18/9/2017- Vince Hobbins 
Tough weekend in France weather wise produced my French pb 49lb mirror on VNX+. Really like your baits - just ordered some more. We fished vallee lake 1, four of us and I was the only one to have a run. We fished varied baits between us and Successful Baits came out on top. 
2/4/2017 - Arron Preston via FB 
Brought some of your red spice fish at NAS5 and my missus has already told me to get it out of the house because of the smell, in the best way possible. Looking forward to seeing the results of this.  
26/5/2017 - Jack Moulds 
I couldn't wait to use the bait that I picked up from you so last night I went for a short session after work just to the park lake and managed 5 fish. One of which was this 16lb 2oz ghost which happens to be my new pb! Couldn't be happier with the bait! 
VNX+ Boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
27/3/2018 - Jay Marsh - 48 hr session at Elphicks resulted in 19 fish on the bank using Traveller Nasty Shrimp range, in really, really cold conditions. Really happy with the bait! 
Nasty Shrimp Traveller Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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