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My day started by walking the dogs with my lovely wife, Sally, followed by breakfast with her. I then set off to pick up Henry, a good friend and one of our more successful bait testers at Successful Baits UK. Once I collected Henry and his gear, we set off to Earith in Cambridgeshire where our fishing location was. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
We arrived in good time and started our walk round the lake trying to find the fish and get some information from the people who were fishing there already about what had come out of the lake over the last 24 hours. We spoke to the first two people who were about 16 years old and they said that they had 4 carp to 18lb in an hour and a half already and that it was easy pickings. Well, you know as well as I do that some carpers are just not to be trusted with any information they might part with! 
So we continued our walk around the lake and to the next angler who had 3 carp in 24 hours , as it happened so often when you talk to other people who are already fishing, one of his rods absolutely ripped off and he was into another water pig. After a short battle he landed a 17-18lb Common Carp. 
So we continued our walk around the lake and discussed where we should be setting up. We decided on swim 5 and 6 which cover a narrow part of the lake. After the tedious task of setting up we placed our rods onto the chosen spots and put a few freebies around the area. 
I decided to fish one rod with VNX+ in 18mm Shelflife Boilies, topped with a 16mm Scoberry Pop Up, the other two rods were fished with Nasty Shrimp 14mm Traveller Boilies topped with artificial corn. After a few hours sitting on our hands and drinking a couple of beers, my middle rod went off with the bobbin being pulled, rapidly hitting the rod and then dropping down to its original position only to fly to the top again. Reaching for the rod I spotted out of the corner of my eye that there was a big disturbance on top of the water and with that the bobbin dropped back down. Needless to say the carp swam straight through my line, got spooked, turned and swam through it again. Sadly this was all the excitement for me for the rest of the day. 
Day two started the same way for me as day one ended, nothing, absolutely nothing was happening. The morning went by and we decided that the carp were holding out over the other side of the lake. So we made the decision to grab two rods each and fish the other side for a couple of hours just to sneak a fish out. After about an hour Henry came over to me and said that he had a fish feeding right by his feet and that I should bring a rod and drop the bait in front of the carp. I picked my rod up, took the lead off and went round to his swim, being as quiet and keeping as low as possible to the ground, keeping in mind that I am getting on a bit and I don't find it that easy anymore ( you can call me an old man, I really don't mind). I successfully lowered the bait in front of the carp who had his head well down. He kept feeding and got really close to the bait several times, but then he swam off, only to return within a few seconds. I thought that this behaviour was really strange as I thought that he was swimming in a strange way to. So I put the rod to one side and we watched him swim around and we could see really well that he was bent in the middle and also had a few growth on its side. Just as we were debating whether to catch him with the landing net, he managed to get himself into the reeds to the right hand side and out of our view. It is always hard seeing a Carp struggle but I guess that's nature taking care of the ill and weak. 
We stayed another couple of hours on this side of the lake before returning to our swims. Once back I set about getting the rods back out onto the spots and then started to think about having something to eat. Well as it happens in Carp fishing, whenever you don't expect a run, it will happen. So there I was thinking food and my right hand rod went mental, it did not seem like a normal run from a Carp so I lifted the rod up and I knew instantly that it was my worst fear coming true. My first fish was not meant to be a Carp but a nice looking 6 pound Tench which gave me a right hard time when it was in the margin, but it slipped into the net after a few minutes. 
Once we took the trophy shot, it was returned quickly to the water, sadly this was all the action for me on this fishing trip, but then there is always next time. 
Bye bye for now and tight lines to you all. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
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