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After the day sessions I couldn't wait to get back down the lake so pencilling in a 48 hour swim for Tuesday 23rd just had to be done. 
Having done a couple of walks round on days prior to the session, trickling bait in a few likely areas, whilst also keeping an eye on the corner I saw most activity on my last outing. 
My mate Kev, who I work with and fish with on this lake, picked me up around 1pm. The sun was baking hot and with the temperatures rising I had it in my mind that we could arrive to a lake full of spawning carp! On arrival at the lake we left the kit in the car and proceeded to have a mooch around and chat to a few lads who were fishing and then hatch a plan for the next 48 hours. 
No fish had been caught. The fish were up in the water, mullering mixers. There was a small group of fish at one end of the lake that looked as though they were ready to spawn. We nearly left, but decided to fish the day with the floater gear, wait for the temperatures to drop and see what they would be getting upto into night - if it meant we cut our session short, so be it. 
I tried hard to catch off the surface throughout the day. I used standard chum mixers but gave them a coating of the hemp oil and a little splash of the VNX+ bait activator liquid for a bit more attraction. To be honest I struggled to get them "pacmanning" but there were fish up for a floater or two. 
The hottest day of the year eventually had took its toll on me and after losing the only fish I managed to hook in a small overhang to my left, I decided it be best to walk back to where I'd left my barrow abandoned and find somewhere to set up stall for the night. 
It was around 6pm by now, I decided to fish the centre of the lake, a swim I've had my eye on for a number of weeks but I wanted to time the area right. The swim had a decent sized bar slightly left centre of the swim around 40 yards out. Depths of 4-6ft on top down to 15 ft around the bar. With the water temperatures rising I felt this be a good starting point, also I could see the corner to my right and out into the lake from my left. This gave me a good starting area, if I saw fish in other areas I could easily move onto them. 
The rods were out around 7pm, one rod fished with a 360 rig the other a standard bottombait rig, and I sat with Kev having a few beers and a good old chat. Thinking them big girls are due, hopefully one would slip before the spawning began. There were fish in the area, and these fish were not spawning fish. The only occurence we had seen throughout the day were the small group we had seen on arrival, even they moved out themselves leaving fish all over the lake. Mainly nailing my floaters!! 
The owners turned up on their daily walk and we were sat having a chat when I started to get liners. I'd opted not to fish back leads. I usually do but I didn't want to give a hooked fish too much line to get over the back of the bar before I made contact. I opted to fish semi-slack, just a slight slackness left my stows, allowing maybe 6ft to tight. I fished my clutches fairly tight. I'm on my rods, nothing was going to be a problem. I spread a kilo of mixed VNX+ and Nasty Shrimp over the spots I hadn't chosen. 
We all sat having a chat when out of nowhere my left hand rod buckled over. I was on the rod in a flash. After a decent scrap, a 20lb 6oz common was in the net. The first 20lb fish I have had from the venue, so a special one at that. With close inspection and flicking through photos after returning the carp safely, the owners had no previous photos or recollection of this fish ever being landed. So a new 20lb fish for the lake, buzzing. 
carp fishing bait successful bait carp fishing bait successful baits
I remember the liners starting around midnight. In and out of sleep until my left hand rod tore off, I was on the rod within seconds and it's probably a good job I was 'cause if I had been any longer I'd have lost my rod! After coming into contact with the fish it again fought hard, making a beeline for the overhangs down my right margin. Luckily managing to turn the fish, I netted a lovely 17lb plump common, holding a lot of spawn! I weighed the fish, had it in the retainer ready to release the fish when my one remaining rod signalled another take. At first I thought I had knocked my tip as I was ready to return the fish. I hadn't. After yet another powerful scrap I landed another cracking common of 18lb 2oz. 
Repositioning the rods back on the spots proved easier than I had first anticipated. Big cracks, signalling the spot. I spread another 50 baits over both spots, and slipped back into the bag after a hectic half hours angling, buzzing!! 
carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits
Waking up around dinner I did see one or two small groups of carp spawning. They were further down the lake though, miles from my spot. My plan today was to keep the rods out of the water, bait every couple of hours and put my rods in at a similar time to the night before IF they were not in spawning mode. After a mooch around floater fishing it was proving more difficult than the day before. The fish were more on the opposite bank cruising up and down rather than my side of the lake. To be honest, the sun was beating down again and I really couldn't be bothered to walk around there and look even more of a lobster than I already did. I decided to just keep an eye on the spot, have a chill, some beers and tea with Kev and wait until that time to get the rods back out. 
carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits
carp fishing bait successful baits
After Calum's dig about the SB polo I decided to give him a picture for a bit of banter. Need to invest in more clothing in the near future. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
By this time we could see the bar clouding up, they were clearly munching. And hard at it. I spread another 50 baits over the area, repositioned the rod and sat back confident of more action into the night. We sat up watching fish show. Around 10:30 I decided enough was enough and decided to get in the bag to refuel ready for tomorrow. The sun really had taken it out of me. 
carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits
Before I knew it the sun was coming up and I had landed another 3 fish during the night. Managing around a hours sleep in total. I was knackered!! I was actually happy to see a few fish in spawn mode at first light. I wound the rods in, took photos of the two fish I had in retainers. The other two doubles and the single I just took mat shots and returned. I decided to let them do their thing. Time to get a few hours kip and hopefully see how they were behaving when I woke up. 
carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits
The fish stayed quiet, giving me the green light and the confidence to reposition my rods and get them back on the spots. 5 of the 6 fish I had the previous night fell to the 360 rig, fishing 16mm Neon Nasty Shrimp Pop-Up. Therefore I decided to fish both rods, the same tactic on the same area as the night previous. I received a take within 10 minutes of the rods being out. The fish was powerful and unfortunately suffered a hook pull, gutted. 
There were a few shows in the area, around 8:30pm I received a steady take from the left hand spot. Pumping the fish stopping it from getting behind the bar it finally kited right into open water. After a 5 minute battle under the tip a gorgeous two tone common was in the net. The second 20lb had been banked and again another 20lb carp that had never seen the bank. This fish is immaculate. Not a mark on it. Some say the two tone is caused through stress. Possibly the first time it's been caught? If carp could talk we would know the truth. 
The fish went 21lb 6oz on the scales. An epic carp which didn't half put a smile on my face. I felt I was on the right track, it wouldn't be long until one of the big girls made their mistake. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
The night passed pretty quickly. I had a single figure common around 11pm and could hear carp thrashing all over the place. I sat up 'til gone midnight when I started to receive a couple of savage liners. It was time to wind them rods in and leave them to it. 
They were still at it when I woke up around 7pm. I did go stalking for a couple of hours after finding a few feeding fish but nothing did come of it. 
We were packed up and home by dinner, I baited the spot before I left. In total I had used 6kg boilies whilst I was there. The fish were eating the bait. And more of it than anybody else dared to put it. Hopefully more of the same next session, I had landed 8 fish and lost two including the one I pulled out of surface fishing. 
We are now in the process of moving house, we've bought our lasses mum and dad's place and they have bought ours as ours was only 2 bedrooms. It's manic and much worse than a normal house move because there is nowhere to put anything!! Nightmare. But we will get there, and I'm looking forward to my next trip already. After the move it will be much needed put it that way. 
Until next time, I hope you enjoyed the read, enjoy the pictures and good luck in your own angling. 
Stay safe. 
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