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My most recent session consisted of getting the gruelling last shift out the way, racing home with my mate, Kev, to grab our gear and get down the lake. With little to really go off since the last session and light fading fast, we decided to set up in a double swim for a social, at least until morning. 
The double swim fishes the bar that's been a productive area for the both of us so far. So we felt that if we couldn't see the fish, it would be probably our best bet of a bite through the night, if nothing happened we could make a move. The session was just shy of 36 hours in total. 
After getting the rods sorted, fishing the trusty 360s with Nasty Shrimp Pop-ups over a good scattering of matching boilies also a few VNX+ in there too, I felt optimistic about a night time bite. The fishing has slowed down since spawning, but conditions looked fairly decent for us and hopefully the fish were up for a munch. After a good chat and a few beers we called it a night fairly early due to us both being really tired from the 4 shifts we'd just finished. I was actually quite surprised to wake up the next morning without any action for either of us. 
By this time the wind had really picked up. Throughout the day I tried to get the fish going on the surface, however the wind was causing me all sorts of problems and I just couldn't get the fish feeding effectively enough to warrant casting my bubble float out there. 
Around 3pm Kev had the first take of the session. A very powerful fish straight from the off kited right toward my lines then buried itself in a overhang on the far margin! The boat was a long way away from us but it had to be done, I enjoy seeing others catch as much as catching fish myself. I had a steady jog around with my net in search of the boat, hoping the fish wouldn't shake the hook before I got there. As I got close to where the fish was boiling I saw the fish 5 yards from me. It managed to free itself from the snag!! So off I went jogging back round to give Kev a hand netting the fish. 
Luckily everything held strong. I knew it was a decent fish, and a lovely 26 common at that. The biggest fish so far this season caught out the lake, and one I would defiantly love to bank myself in the future. Never take your own angling so serious you cannot allow yourself time to appreciate the people around you. Kev's done a lot for me this year since damaging my knee and the smile on his face seeing him smash his PB was priceless, it really was. 
Shortly afterwards I moved down a peg, into the swim I had the hit from before. I opted to fish one rod to the bar and keep a rod close in as I'd seen a few fish patrolling the margins earlier on in the day. Throughout the night I had some savage liners, but nothing came of it and before we knew it the time had come for us to begin to pack up. 
I'll be out for quick night on my next days off, hopefully something will give. I'm in desperate need of a change of scenery, to refuel the fire. Maybe I'm just beating myself up, everybody blanks! I'm looking forward to getting back out, but also looking forward to spending some time with my family. I've not been a fan of fishing much when my shifts fall on weekends. More time with the missus and kids, also try to avoid the weekend anglers. 
Until next time. Take care. 
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