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Having arrived at the lake around 11:30 Sunday morning, I was expecting most of the lads who fished the weekend to have pulled off. However, this was not the case and the lake was stitched from peg 1 to just past the half way point of the lake. Common knowledge would indicate the fish would move beyond the lines, so off I went with the barrow down to the "bottom end" swim, which was vacant. Upon my arrival I dumped my gear short of the swim and proceeded to climb the ladder which overlooks the corner of the lake the bottom end swim offers. 
There must have been 30 fish milling around and since there were no fish caught between 5 anglers the Friday and Saturday, I felt they had woken up and simply moved away from the pressure. 
Firstly, I tried to stalk one before actually getting my traps set from the main swim. This didn't produce any fish and with only introducing around 10-12 VNX+ baits to try nab a quick bite, they seemed very off. A few baits were taken but after a couple of hours of watching how the fish were behaving I had a good idea where to position my baits for the night ahead. 
My rigs consisted of simple multirigs with a slight personal tweak, terminal tackle used from a new company I have joined, JKangling. 20lb soft core straight through multi rig style with a size 6 choddy hook and bait screw. I opted to use VNX+ 14mm pop ups on two rods and the other on 12mm Scoberry popup. 
At around 5pm I received the first take of the session, and the first take since September! The take resulted in a very welcome small 8lb 11oz ghostie. 
I got the fish, sorted a few snaps and returned it. Within 10 minutes the rod was back out on the spot. The rod must have only been back on the spot 20 minutes before I received another take. This fish was one of the new stockies, proper lovely scaley mirror of 11lb 10oz. I was made up, and confident of a bite or two more. 
However, this was not to be the case. Into dark I started to hear the fish show down to my left out into the main body of the lake. My instincts told me the carp had moved out from the corner and I was 90% sure I'd have a good nights sleep. 
I woke to motionless stows as expected a little after first light. 
The weather was looking spot on for this particular area of the lake. The wind pumping down my end so a move was definitely off the cards, as they do love a new wind. 
Through the day I stayed active, looking for signs of fish but didn't see anything. A few lads further up were getting a bit of action early morning so I was just hopeful that the fish would turn up again like they did the day before. 
At around 2pm I received a take completely out of the blue. From the same spot, again like the other two fish banked, was caught on 12mm Scoberry pop ups fished over a scattering of VNX+ and crumbed VNX+. 
This proved to be the last bit of action of the session. 
Very impressed with the new bait, looking forward to getting back out on the bank as soon as I can. 
Until next time, tight lines. 
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