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With the cold weather having properly set in over the last month or so, my winter campaign hasn’t been as fruitful as I'd hoped after a successful first session. The lake is deeper than waters I have previously targeted I was confident on getting the zigs working this winter, but to no avail. It was time to have a day down the local park lake to try and get a bend in the rods and lift the spirits during this challenging time of the year. 
The session was to be on the Sunday, but actually started on the Saturday for myself and fellow team member Darren, where we used the time to get the bait prepared and kit ready so that we could be as focused as possible when it came to fishing on the Sunday. With the mix made up, consisting of maggots, sweetcorn and crushed Scoberry and VNX+, we were ready for the day down the park lake. 
8am came around and it was time to head down the lake. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised to see that we had the lake to ourselves. The lake has a duck feeding platform and it’s a great vantage point for seeing the majority of the lake. A cold northerly wind was pushing into the right hand side of the lake so we opted for the northwest corner, which is the first swim you can get to after the out of bounds bank. With the barrow loaded and the kit pushed to the swim it was time to find an area to fish. The lake is only a max of 3 feet and has a uniformed bottom, so the bait would be the main feature to draw the fish in. Having settled on a comfortable range it was time to get the rods wrapped up and the bait out. As there was two of us fishing the same swim we decided to have a rod each on the right and left hand sides of the swim, with the rods on the right having the mix of bait over the top. The right hand rods went out with 10 spombs of mix over the top and it was then time to work out where to place the left hand rods. There are two islands to the left of the swim so we opted to fish a rod each to each of the two islands on single VNX+ pop ups, on our favourite hinge stiff rigs. With all four rods out between us it was time to get the kettle on and warm ourselves up. 
Before we knew it 11am was upon us and, having seen a few fish over the other side, we decided to go longer with the right hand rods. With the abundance of coots on the lake constantly diving over the baited area we were sure no carp were visiting the area. Bearing this in mind, we decided to cast long towards the duck feeding platform, although the wind was pushing down that end of the lake. Being a park lake there are always dog walkers and kids feeding the ducks. The carp get used to bread falling through the water and some, I am sure, never venture away from the area. Would you if you had a never ending supply of food? With the rods wrapped at 30 wraps (120yards) I waded out around 10 yards to put the first rod out. 
VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Pictures done and the fish returned safely, after treating the hook hold with Dr Bob, it was time to get a fresh pop up on and get the rod back out as the feeding spells in winter can be very small and far between. Before we could do this, Darren’s rod on the left of the same island was away, again with a lovely common on the other end. Two fish in such a small window of opportunity was a good result. With the fish dealt with and returned it was time to get all the rods back out and the kettle for a well-earned cup of tea. 
VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
It went out perfectly first time but as I was about to sink the line my rod to the left on the island pulled up tight and out of the clip. With Darren in the swim he played the fish until I was able to wade back and take over. After a short spirited fight a small common full of character was in the net. 
VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Unfortunately for me no more fish followed but Darren helped himself to another two fish, one fish being a low double, immaculate common off of the same spot and the other a beautiful heavily plated mirror from the rods repositioned to the duck platform. With four fish under our belt on a day session we were very happy with the result having stuck it out just into darkness. All fish fell to the ever favourite VNX+ pop ups on the hinge stiff rig. With plans set for another session in the coming weeks it was time to sadly head home. Hopefully we can get down the deep pit for a few more fish before my favourite time of the year kicks in and a new target water for the spring. 
Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs about coming sessions and hopefully I can tell you all about some of the old historic carp that reside in the next target water. Tight lines and get on the VNX+
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