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Feb, 05.30hrs. Woken rudely by the alarm, even though I had hardly slept all night. I had been so excited when I went to bed because I had just picked my new bait from the guys at Successful Baits UK, the incredible VNX+.....  
carp fishing carp bait boilies
I loaded the car and made my way to meet my fishing buddy for the day, Leon Smith. Clavering Lakes was our chosen venue. On our arrival we had the pick of the lake. We had a quick wander and decided to brave the south bank,with the bitter wind straight in our face. While the temperature wasn’t too bad, the wind made it bitterly cold. 
Leon was using 3 rods with a different bait on each, while I was using the VNX+. I set up my first rod with a single 16mm wafter that had been dipped in VNX+ Dip and a small stick mix. I flicked it out into the middle of the lake where it was about 5ft deep. As I was setting up my second rod 3 vehicles 
arrived and out got 6 other anglers. Clavering isn’t a particularly big lake so I knew that when they were all set up the lake would be pretty much covered by all the anglers. My second rod was set up with a small placed bag with a few freebie 14mm VNX+ shelf life boilies that had been soaked in VNX+ Activator and allowed to dry overnight. The business end was a standard short stiff hinge rig with a VNX+ 12mm pop up. I placed this one over a firm patch that I’d found about 2 rods lengths out from a tree to my right. It hit the bottom with a thud and I knew I was on the spot that I wanted. 
Within 15 minutes of the first rod being in the water my alarms were telling me that something was having a little sniff and showing interest in my wafter. I watched it carefully and saw the indicator lift about an inch and then drop to the floor like stone. I wound down and lifted into a lovely 12lb mirror. I reset my end tackle using the same rigs and bait and settled down to a well earned cup of tea, (mainly because it was freezing but also to celebrate catching my first fish on VNX+) 
Throughout the day my alarms were constantly beeping with fish showing interest and I banked a further 3 fish, all on the VNX+. Out of the other 7 anglers none of them had a fish or even a run.What a superb bait. I cannot wait to get back out and use it again. 
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