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So, after what seemed like an age and following weeks of back and forth banter and discussions on the group chat, the social had finally arrived. I awoke to a decent looking Friday morning, well in Scunthorpe anyway, lol. While waiting for fellow Team Member Shaun Dennis, I double and then triple checked my gear to make sure I had everything, as it's guaranteed that I will forget something. 
It was around 9.30am when Shaun eventually turned up. We packed the van, the bait and the essential beer and then went to a little local cafe in Scunthorpe to meet up with another Team Member, Liam McEvoy to have breakfast. After having breakfast and chatting about the up-coming 48 hours, we were off, on our way to Old Mill Lake. 
After a quick meet and greet with the rest of the team, Shaun, Uwe, Liam and I had a quick wander around Oak Lake to see if we could see any signs and have a look at the pegs, and all agreed that the furthest peg looked the best, as it was off wind and warmer in the top corner. After going back round to the car park to meet the other team members that had arrived, I packed my gear onto the barrow and proceeded to draw swims from a hat. The one swim I didn't want of course I got. The reason I didn't want it was because it was a corner swim and the wind was due to turn the next morning. 
Off we all set to our swims. Whilst everyone was setting up their bivvies, I was smashing the rods out. One rod baited with Nasty Shrimp double bottom bait and a small bag of around 10 Nasty Shrimp boilies, cast around 20 wraps out into the middle of the lake. My other rod was a hinge stiff size 6 Korda pre-tied chod with a soft braided boom section with a White Halibut pop up and a small bag of Red Spice Fish stick mix, cast at around 15 wraps to a white pole on the side of the bank. Feeling confident and with the rigs out, I decided to set up home for the next 48 hours. It was at this point I realised that I had forgotten an essential piece of equipment...my ridge monkey! Luckily the team said I could use some of theirs or I would have been cooking with a lighter hahaha. 
With the wind deciding on a couple of occasions to try to blow my bivvy away whilst I was trying to put it up, I had a run that I can only describe as a fish managing to eject the hook on the pick-up. With the panic over, and when I say 'panic over' I mean having the bivvy in your hand, not pegged in, when the wind's picking up and the belief your rod was about to rip off, is never a good feeling. And the fact that my bivvy could have ended up in the wood behind us! But, like I say, the panic was over and I got my bivvy pegged out and I got settled in for the wait. 
Old Mill Lakes Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
An hour or so later I heard a bleep and a drop back on my rod. I set off to investigate the rods and could hear it bleep as the line went up and tight. Getting to my swim and looking at my bobbins to see what they were doing, it dropped back whilst I was watching it, so I struck into it. Feeling no resistance I believed I had missed a chance but, as I was reeling in to reset the rod I felt a little bump so thought the fish was swimming straight at me! Reeling down and as fast as I could I leant into the rod to feel the same loss of resistance, but slight knocks on the end. Up popped the fish and, with Nathan Flatly at my side ready to net it, it can only be described as one of the smallest fish I have caught. Nathan netted it for me and he proceeded to laugh, it may be the smallest fish he has netted for someone. After us laughing like a bunch of kids at it and a bunch of quick unimpressed pictures, the fish went back and the social went on. 
Waking up around 4am in the morning, freezing cold in my bivvy as the wind had changed and was now blowing straight in the door, accompanied by a light drizzle of rain. I tucked myself into my sleeping bag and awaited daylight. Waking up to a sunny morning I decided it was time to put a bit of bait in. A few handfuls of Nasty Shrimp boilies and pellets over the right hand side where the fish had come from. I then reeled in and decided to go round to the other bank for some breakfast. With one of the lads cooking breakfast (which will not happen again) we sat around chatting about the nights events. Uwe had had a fish during the night too. After the worst sausage sarnie ever I wandered back to my bivvy. Setting up my left hand rod with a Nasty Shrimp bottom bait and 12mm Red Spice Fish pop up snowman rig, out it went. Feeling confident, I laid back in my bivvy and went back to sleep. 
Red Spice Fish Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Before I knew it, it was mid afternoon, so I got the beers out and proceeded to another team members swim to have a bit of a chat and a beer. I kept getting the odd liners throughout the remainder of the day. As night started to creep in we all settled in to have a social in the middle swim as it wasn't too far from everyone's rods. 
Just before dark I looked into Mark Jordan's little bag of tricks and noticed he had some 12ml pink Red Spice Fish pop ups! After pinching a few off him I went back to my swim to reel in the chod rig as I know this size pop up sits amazingly on the chods I had. Back out with the rods and back to the lads for a bit more of a social.  
Red Spice Fish Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The day passed uneventfully. I eventually awoke around 16:30, we all reeled in and headed to a BBQ. Food cooking, beer flowing and laughter on the bank from everyone. Seeming like the quickest BBQ ever, I was back round at the rods, getting them back on the spots. 
After gathering back at the middle swim for a social, half an hour into dark my rod went off again, resulting in a little cracking common. 
Rods back out on the spots and back to socializing. Before I knew it, it was bed time!! 
I awoke again to a nice sunny morning and another take, another small common. 
As I cast my rods back out I realised that the competition for the 'most' and 'biggest' fish was still going. I sat back thinking everything could change in a moment as the lake was looking good for a few bites. My rod went off again to another small common and I had a sneaky feeling nobody was going to catch me on the 'most' fish. So, feeling smug, I reeled in, packed down and headed to the car park. After waiting over half an hour for a team member packing away everything but the kitchen sink, we then drew the prize money. Uwe and myself being the winners! A couple off quick team photos and we were away, on our way home. 
Sitting back thinking about the past 48 hours I can honestly say it was the best 48 hour session I have had in a long time. The one thing I do know is we do have an awesome team/family and I look forward to this coming year as I have just discovered a new favourite bait in our range, Red Spice Fish. Here's to Successful Baits, and I also want to take a minute to thank the lads for their hospitality. 
See you all at the next team meet. 
Ps. I would also like to thank Sally for allowing Uwe to bring some of the best tasting sausages I have ever tasted to the BBQ. You will have to tell me where you get them from. 
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On 2nd April 2018 at 18:26, Uwe Schafer wrote:
How much fun was this and it was a pleasure meeting you mate. Shame we are missing out on the next social but it will not be the same without you
On 2nd April 2018 at 17:59, Kev montandon wrote:
Well if it's the one and only time I get to try them I am very grateful. Same to you Derek was amazing to watch you put that bivvy up. I've never seen anyone with so much gear haha
On 2nd April 2018 at 17:29, Sally Schafer wrote:
Those sausages were my secret stash - sorry, but unless you go to Germany, you will probably never taste them again! What is in the freezer now is mine - ALL MINE!!!!!!
On 2nd April 2018 at 16:03, Derek Wright wrote:
Amazing write up Kevin and it was an absolute blast fishing next to you
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