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The bug has bitten again! 
After going to visit a couple of mates fishing earlier this year, the bug was back to get the rods wet and put carp on the bank. I decided that to break me back in slowly and blow the cobwebs away, small sessions were the order of the day - 4 to 5 hrs - 3 days consisting from first light till lunch only. 
So where do I start? You know what I mean, how much is too much tackle, how much bait. How is rusty is my watercraft? Hours sorting tackle and I’m ready. Bait was no problem, I used the Successful Baits range I used in France and a little last year, with great results. Now with new a range, VNX+, and they are now UK based, my order placed and delivered, Thunderbirds are go. Forecast looking warmer and no rain for this week - Jackpot. 
carp fishing carp bait boilies
Monday morning. 07.00 -12.00 
Arrived at the lake and was surprised to be the first there? It looked inviting with the sun just rising, trees starting to look green again and I could hear birds tweeting. Hawks high in the sky, circling, looking for prey. The wind was blowing into the right hand corner along the reed bed 60 meters to my right. The island looked good but my gut feeling was reeds (warmer more secure were my thoughts). 
Choice made and getting set up took a little longer than normal, what you might call “rusty”. 
Anyway, all sorted and bait with pva bags on my two rods. Successful Baits Scoberry popup snowman on one, and the new VNX+ Snowman on the other. Both 15lb breaking strain. Rods out and set up completed, anticipation level in the red. Settle back, hoody up to keep chill factor down. Wait for my first take. "Won`t be long now" going through my head. 
Buzzzzzzzzzzz we are off, heart pounding, right hand rod bending, fish landed and fist in the air. Yes, yes, yes. You know the feeling "get in there". 
Session went well landing 5 fish - 4 and one mirror - weights around 12 -15lb - condition superb. 1 bream not included. 
Both baits worked well with VNX+ just crossing line first. This proves to me that the baits get thumbs up big time. 
Looking at some photos taken, I had to laugh - hand position needs improvement. Must improve my fish stance more, etc. etc. I know it's bad. Need a mirror to look into to practice. 
carp fishing carp bait boilies
Tuesday 07.30- 12.00 
Arrived on lake to see cars in car park - wondering why Tuesday busy. Wind blowing bit heavier than Monday. Decided to use same tactics and fish reeds again. 30 minutes in and Delkim doing its job, I was in. Reeds won this time with fish doing the dash and breaking hook link. Left hand rod with Scoberry snowman screamed off. Taking my time once away from a snag and landed another nice fish. Right rod now out again with Successful Baits new VNX+. Few more anglers arrived for silver fishing and whilst chatting r/h rod screamed off. Yes, that feeling again and a beautiful red/brown Mirror in the net - 17.lb One bream followed - wind got stronger and I got colder, dogs wanted walking so session over. 
carp fishing carp bait boilies
Last short session this week - 5hrs on the bank. 
Arrived a little later than expected today and could see cars and vans in the parking area as I drove up. On the bank a group were talking so I decided to go around to the far side of the lake. Weather was overcast and the chill factor not good with the temperature only 6c. This was not going to be an easy day. Brought with me some VNX+ Ready to Use Stickmix to go with the boilies. This is a very good product by Successful Baits and worked well during the week, saves me loads of time. Two rods were going to be placed, one down the margin with the other 50meters directly in front of me. 
Set up done and I had not long to wait before my margin rod bent sharply and the buzzers blasted out its warning. Love that sound, sends heart all a flutter. 
carp fishing carp bait boiies carp fishing carp bait boilies
Did not take long to land a low double mirror and I was up and running. Cobwebs now almost gone and everything running smother. Weather did not change much during the morning, still being overcast windy but temperature rose to around 10c. 
Rod back out with the same setup and new bait. Sat down with coffee and biscuit. 
It was working out during my sessions that I was landing a fish almost one an hour so was hoping this would continue. Turned out I was correct with this and sure enough my other rod started to bend and the 15lb line was being taken at a good rate of knots out into the lake. Buzzer going ballistic and dropper fully stretched, hitting the rod. I was in again and landed a nice common. 
carp fishing carp bait boilies
Wednesday 07.50 -13.00 
Only one on bank - feels strange but is still early in season and midweek. Wind not changed but more overcast that first two days with more ducks and geese on the lake. Surprising how a few sessions get you back into the groove with setup and less tackle on bank. Why change the set up if catching, so fished bait as previous but with a little more distance. What a session 5 fish on bank from 15lb up to 22lb mirrors /commons condition as expected. One again lost in weeds 
Had just returned one fish caught on VNX+ and within 10 minutes of setting it back out, it went off again. A guy just turned up chatting could not believe how quick it happened after just watching me play one and set it out again for it to scream off. Conclusion - I ache all over and feel knackered, but wow have I enjoyed getting back into my fishing again. I am 66years old is my excuse. I was happy when I landed the first one on Monday for this season, but if carry on like this 2017 season is going to be a brilliant year. The new VNX+ range is really impressive. 
Last thought though - I need to invest in blue tooth for taking selfies - old camera going to the grave.lol 
Two more followed using the same tactics and Successful baits VNX+ and Scoberry. 
So I did four short sessions and had 16 fish, biggest 22+lb. I found out being away from rods for few months and trying to remember how much tackle is needed made me ring rusty so to speak. (let the battle commence). I have made a list now on phone of what to take and what I use for replacement. 
During this last session seven other anglers were fishing and only one other carp was caught. 
Try the Successful baits UK website and check out their baits and see if it works for you. 
Tight lines. 
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