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I had planned a long weekend with mate but factors out of my control stopped this happening. So, as the bait was already prepared it had to be used so back to short session on a cold Friday morning with a strong cold n/east wind. 
carp fishing bait successful baits
Arrived on bank and others were setting up so I went to my normal place which was vacant. 
I love margin fishing this time of year and always try and set up with wind blowing into the margins. I believe fish seek sanctuary in the reeds when the temperature drops and know food will be blown towards them. Also, patrolling fish will move in and out of this area looking for anything that gathers on broken reeds laying across the surface. 
I set up 3 rods, one to my right with Successful Baits new VNX+ dipped and a bag of crushed boilies, 30 yards along the right margin. Second rod straight out to far bank, 60 metres, with Successful Baits Scoberry with Dip and a PVA bag with crushed boilies. Third rod slightly to my left 40 metres just on shelf again VNX + set up. Hook links 6-12 inches.15lb X line. 
Ten minutes in and alarm started buzzing on my middle rod (disappointment a bream). Still, think positive, it was a fish and my set up was correct. Set out again and sat back. 
The wind was blowing cold so had to put extra layers on - must be getting old? Nothing else happening on the lake, only ducks getting ready - randy sods. 
Again middle rod roared into action with alarm vibrating in pocket and I was on it in a flash. 
This fish played well and put up a good fight trying to get into the reeds but not today Jack. In the net it went, weighing in at 19lb 3oz a Common. Still trying to get used to using selfie. 
Couple hours passed with nothing then bang, the right rod in the margin went off putting a lovely bend in rod. Although I was quick this fish knew the way out and headed straight into the cut down reeds just below the water line. Not this time, after trying different ways such as giving slack, waiting, walking up and down the bank it was not going anywhere. "Was it still on the hook?" run through my mind but before I could make my decision, the rod shot back, slack and end braid to the hook was cut by the reeds, end result - one lost fish. 
Time passed and session ended so packed up and was pleased with my few short sessions. 
What have I learned on these few short sessions? Cut down on what you take so you can move easily if you need to. Check tackle is in good condition after being laid up for few months. Fish with little baits and PVA bags. Keep day shelter are brolly handy. 
One other thing, give try Successful Baits a try - 17 fish in 5 short 4-5hr sessions? 
Tight lines 
carp fishing bait successful baits
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