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After the results of my previous session, where I only caught low double fish, I decided to approach the lake with a different baiting tactic this time around. On arrival I went about picking a swim in my normal manner, by having a thorough walk around the lake, stopping in every swim for a minute or two looking for any signs of fish. After doing this I had not seen any signs of fish so decided to follow a hunch of where I thought the fish would be and set up my bivvy at the end of the lake in the deeper water where I had previously caught. 
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Once my bivvy was set up, I went about getting the rods out. I found a clear spot on the edge of a big weed bed, in roughly the same area that I had previously caught from, and decided that I would put both rods, about a rods length apart, on this spot, over a bed of bait. Both rods went out pretty easily with 18mm bottom baits, one in the VNX+ and one in the Red Spice Fish flavours. Over the top of these I spodded roughly 10 spods of pellets soaked in a Nasty Shrimp bait activator, and crushed and chopped boilies of both flavours. Happy with how the session had gone so far, and the way in which my rigs had gone out I decided to leave them and consider adding a bit more bait just before dark. 
As I was sat cooking and eating my dinner I saw a couple of fish show at this end of the lake. One over my spot, and one just to the right and a couple of rod lengths past, over the weed bed. As these were good signs of fish being in the area I decided not to spod anymore bait out before dark, but instead to just put a couple of handfuls of boilies over the top, as this would create less of a disturbance. I’m not sure whether or not the fish in this lake will have seen much action from a spod before and I didn’t want to risk pushing the fish away from my spot with the disturbance on the surface from using one. A couple of hours passed with only a single beep on the rods and again, just before dark I saw fish in the area, close to my spot. After wondering why I hadn’t had a take yet, I toyed with the idea of changing the baits to smaller pop ups. However, I decided against this idea as my rods had only been in the water for roughly 4 hours and I didn’t think that this was a fair amount of time to try a new tactic out in a lake which was fairly new to me. 
As darkness fell I reeled in both rods, put fresh bait on and put them both back out in the same spot, with a couple more spods of bait over the spot and then got my head down. I was awoken at 2:15am by a couple of beeps on the right hand rod, and as I got out of the bivvy I noticed the bobbin was right up at the top and I decided to strike. However, there was nothing on the end. Still half asleep, I put a fresh bait on, clipped up the rod to the spot, and got it back out before going back to bed. I was awoken again at 5:30am by a screaming take on the right hand rod again. This time the fish had taken me into the weed bed and was locked solid. I kept the pressure on for a couple for minutes before the fish freed itself and kited away from the weed to the left. Just as the fish changed direction and kited back to the right … PING! It was gone. I was left gutted and reeling in a handful of weed. It felt like a better fish than I had previously had out of this lake, but then, they always do when you lose them. 
I got my head back down and woke again about an hour later at first light, this time naturally, not by a fish. I made the decision that I needed to change my tactic and use a smaller bait. I tied two pop up rigs, one with a VNX+ pop up, and one with a Red Spice Fish pop up and put them back on the spots. Over the top of these, again I chucked in a couple of handfuls of boilies. As well as adding a couple of handfuls of boilies to a spot where I had seen a fish roll whilst tying my rigs. In a channel between the two beds of weed. 
I saw a couple more fish show on the surface in the channel of weed, close to where I had put in the handfuls of bait early in the morning. So at about lunch time I decided to move the right hand rod onto this spot. After some leading around, I discovered that the spot was relatively clear, but was not an easy cast. I took me three or four attempts to hit an area that I was happy with when feeling the lead down. I added a few more handfuls of bait over the top of this, and sat and waited whilst watching the water for any signs of fish. 
The rest of the afternoon passed without so much as a beep, so I decided to pack up and go home. Gutted that I had blanked, I knew that I had to rethink my strategy and come back before the weather dropped off, with a new tactic in mind, in pursuit of one of the twenties from this water. 
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