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Hello guys it’s Harry, this write up is about my session to a jungle lake! This place is amazing as I’m sure you will agree from the picture. It’s like a mini rainbow, has gravel bars and plateaus, dips and mounds and a hell a lot of weed! There are beautiful old islands and dead trees growing out of it, it’s like something out of Jurassic Park, it’s mega, so where do I start? 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Well, a dear friend of mine had said we needed a session together and that he could get me a guest ticket for this syndicate lake he was on. I was up for it but when he sent me this picture of it I was well up for it, super excited. It’s a very low stocked lake but with some really nice fish to be had apparently. I hadn’t seen any pictures of carp from there but I could only imagine by the looks of this mysterious lake! As you can imagine I jumped at the chance and we booked a date to do a 24hour session. Then I had to wait 2 weeks and I was so excited and ready to fish this place. 
Henlow Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
After what seemed a long 2 weeks the day had finally come. I’d prepared some bait the night before, along with some rigs. The bait I had prepared was a load of pellets with crushed and chopped VNX+ Traveller 14mm boilies with an added twist of the VNX+ Bait Activator Liquid and a dash of the Successful Baits hemp oil, known as Hanfol. I had left this to soak overnight ready for my session so that the mixture would be sufficiently dried out to be pva friendly, solid bags were my approach to this weedy venue. Anyway, I set off around 10am and met at my friends house around 11.30, he loaded his car and we were soon on our way. 
We arrived at the lake around 1pm and had plenty of time to walk around the place and try find the carp or any signs. With it being January there were very little shows of them so I was up trees and all sorts. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate them, no signs at all, so we went off my mates information and headed to a split that forks off and goes into the lake with 2 pegs back to back. I took the peg on the left and my mate took the one on the right. 
With only a couple hours left of daylight I quickly got the brolly system up and set up my home for the next 24hours. I then got the rods out and started to lead around to find some clear spots in and around the weed. I found one to the left of me just near some dead trees, it looked a really nice spot to be honest and felt fairly solid. Happy with that spot, I baited up with a couple of spombs of hemp and maze, then stuck a solid bag on with the pellet mix I had made up the night before. The chosen rig was a multi rig with a 12mm VNX+ pop up on. Hopefully that would produce me a bite in these cold conditions. The second spot I had found was to an island and there was a drop off from the island, it was a gradual slope hitting depths of around 9ft. It was a gully almost as it then flattened off for about 1ft then raised up to around 6ft which seemed to be the uniformed depth around that area of the lake. That seemed perfect, especially if the carp were patrolling the island as it’s a nice trench for them. I felt overly confident in that spot and baited up the same again, a couple spombs over the spot of hemp and maize, but a different approach with the rig. I used a German rig with 2 grains of artificial corn on soaked in the hemp oil. Reason for the corn is that I like to use corn in the colder months, pimped with the hemp oil or any of the bait activator liquids. It's great as I take a small sandwich bag with me put some corn in there and add a load of salt from the Traveller boilies, this makes the corn pva friendly! Add some bait activator liquid or in this case I used the hemp oil, and there you go, pva friendly corn with a successful twist. I love using the hemp oil with the corn as it changes the colour of it to a more vibrant shade of yellow. Anyone reading this honestly, try it with the hemp oil and salt and thank me later. With that all prepared I got my solid bag ready and cast it to the spot. With the ground being pretty solid I couldn’t get the distance sticks out so when I was casting around finding these spots, once I found the spot I was after I used some marker elastic so I'd know I was back on it. 
Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Bedtime was knocking at the door around 11pm, I was pretty tired and with my mate fast asleep it was time to get my nut down to, hopeful of a wake--up call from one of the alarms, which I got at 12.05am. Rod in one hand and rubbing my eyes I seemed to be playing a hard fighting fish, so I know it wasn’t a bream, thank god. I could tell it was a carp from the head shaking movements. Adrenaline running through my body, after a small battle lasting around 10-15 minutes the little beauty rolled into the net. I got it into the sling and me and my mate set up the camera. I left the carp to rest for 10 minutes while I got myself together, you know what it’s like getting woken up by alarm guys, it takes a few minutes to get your bearings. My mate fetched the carp for me, took a couple of snaps and then returned the epic low double chocolate brown common to the depths. 
With the traps set I got the kettle on and went to see how my mate was getting on. He had also found some decent clear spots and was fishing. I helped him set his new bivvy up, which was a good laugh as I had never set up a TF Gear Force 8, nor had I seen one in person, but we soon figured it out and camp was set up. I decided to chill in his bivvy as I had a receiver and he didn’t, although it wasn’t far at all it was still nice to have on me. Cup of tea in hand, before we knew it darkness had fallen and a few hours had gone. With only a couple of bleeps on his rods nothing much had happened, unfortunately. 
Still confident in my spots I left the rods out there and didn’t feel the need for a change. A few more hours passed by and it was around 9pm when my mates rod sprang into action. Unfortunately the fish done him up in some weed pretty quickly. It was a sad time as it really wasn’t looking good for another opportunity. 
VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
We were both so happy but more so me, after a long day my efforts had paid off, thankfully. I needed to make a drink before I got my head down again but my mate went back to sleep straight away. The kettle boiled, the rod placed back into the same spot. I was sipping away on my tea and I could hear fish crashing, I’m sure it was pike but I could have been wrong. After drinking my tea I got my head down for some more sleep. A couple of hours had passed and I thought I could hear a bite alarm but it certainly wasn’t mine as I have the Sonik SKS alarms with the bivvy light that lights up with the alarm, and it wasn’t mine. I unzipped the door and stuck my head out and my mates rod was off. He didn’t wake up though so I went running over there after crashing out through the door. He was fast asleep so I woke him up but he didn’t get to it in time. I was so annoyed for some reason, although it wasn’t my rod it was annoying that he didn’t wake up to get it in time. That fish lost and moods dropping he got his rod back out on the same spot and we both went back to bed. 
Morning came and again I was woken up by his bite alarm. Thankfully he'd set his alarm clock for 6am to catch 1st light and at around 7:10 in the morning he got a run that woke me up, and he managed to land this one, another stunning low double common carp . Really nice character this one was, a small wound on its tail but nothing Dr Bob can’t fix. For those of you that don’t know who or what Dr Bob is, it is our fish care at Successful Baits UK, and something every angler should carry with them. After taking a few pictures of his carp we sent it on it’s way and re-positioned the rods. It was a very cold morning and also an uneventful one. Nothing else had happened and with midday approaching it was time to pack up. With everything loaded onto the barrows we strolled back through the jungle to the car park, loaded the cars up and went for one final goodbye walk. I absolutely love this venue and will be buying the ticket next year, all being well. 
Any information needed or questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can ! Thank you for reading. 
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On 29th January 2019 at 08:19, David digger chambers wrote:
Lovely fish Harry can't wait to get out there myself and grab one.
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