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Hello guys it’s Harry from Successful Baits UK and this is a short write up of my recent session. My alarm went off at half 5 in the morning as I had to load the car, make lunch and go pick my friend up which was 10 minutes in the opposite direction of the chosen venue. I got dressed and loaded the car up with just the essentials for a short, day session and I set off and picked my friend up for 6 ish after making a quick pit stop at the shop for refreshments and snacks. 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
It took only around 25 minutes or so to get there and on arrival we had a walk around and located a few carp, with positive feeding bubbles, a couple of shows and various other indications of carp being present. With such great signs it was easy to decide where to fish so we got our gear ready and within 10 minutes both rods were out in the water and all set up ready to try and catch these lovely carp. An hour or so went by and although we’d had no bites or knocks, there were still very positive signs of carp present. In my mind I was thinking they must not be liking the chosen hook bait so I reeled a rod in and swapped the hook bait to a CalaFrutti neon yellow dumbbell, fished on a KD rig so the hook was laying on the deck but the dumbbell was off the lake bed by an inch or so. I do like this approach, especially fishing tight to an island and a shelf. I feel the presentation on a solid bag works really well, once the bag bursts your hook bait pops up over the freebies from the bag so it’s bright and highly visible and the hook is hidden under the feeebies. I know this by using a test tank at home, it’s a great way to see how your pop ups work and pva bags burst etc. I was only fishing in about 2/3ft of water so I pierced holes in the pva bag so I could get a decent coverage and also, being large bags with lots of small particle and chops work great as you get maximum coverage and again hides the hook. Anyway, back to the lake - so I was fishing tight to an island only around 5 rod lengths out, not far at all. Nice distance as you don’t need to keep using solid bags after every cast as you can easily reach it with a catapult, but it’s nice to re-cast with a solid bag on every now and then just to keep the spot tight. So that rod was out there on the shallow shelf of the island with the CalaFrutti dumbbell, my second rod was fished to the right of the island but past it, as there were plenty of signs of carp there and also a little more open water. Again a solid bag approach but I had the Scoberry white pop ups on fished on a German rig with matching crumbed and chopped Scoberry shelf life boilies in the bag. Beep beep beeep beeeeeeeeep ...... nope, not mine but my mates alarm ripped off and he caught a cracking little crucian carp, absolute little gem it was. We were both extremely shocked that this greedy little crucian could fit a 15mm boilie in its mouth. We slipped the little fella back after a few snaps and to say I was a little jealous was an understatement. A few hours had passed from when we got there really quickly without a bite, not even a knock. Sitting down and enjoying the peace and quiet was then soon disturbed by a screaming alarm and yes, it was mine this time. I was so excited and pumped on adrenaline, playing what seemed to be a very angry little carp for a few short minutes until he eventually rolled into the net and onto the cradle for a quick photograph, only being around 9/10lbs but all the same to me, and in mmaculate condition as I’m sure you will agree from the pictures. This little common with a big attitude fell to the rod fished to the island on a CalaFrutti dumbell. I sent him on his way and got the rod back in place and it really wasn’t long until it shot it again, literally around 5 minutes, that’s it and I was into this non-fighting fish. Yes, that’s right, a non- fishing fish. B:-*~M !! A bream, oh well it is what it is and again, all the same to me. If anything you can look at it like this - the rigs you’re making are working, the bait is working, the location is right and, most importantly, you’re catching. I unhooked the little fella and got the rod back out there and reeled the other in as I just wasn’t getting any interest on the white Scoberry. The yellow dumbells seemed to be working, so I put one of them on and dipped it in the CalaFrutti glug before slinging it out over to the island. While setting the line my friend shouted over and he had hooked into a fairly decent size common, which I helped him net and yes, it was a nice size weighing in at 15lb 4oz, a nice mid double common, he was mega chuffed and I was to as he was on a 3 bounce blank. I took some mega pictures for him and he then released the beauty back. Half an hour or so had gone by since that carp he caught and all seemed quiet so I put the kettle on and while the water was boiling my right hand rod one toned off. It kited off over to the right heading towards open water thankfully as there was a nasty snag pretty close by. This fish really did have a temper. They fight like demons here and after around 6 /7 minutes of a decent battle we netted this stunning common carp, again only a low double but absolutely pristine. I didn’t weigh any of the fish I caught today but took some lovely photos for all you readers and viewers out there. Sadly there were no more carp for the rest of the session but it had been a great short day session to kick start the spring off, and the CalaFrutti did the job for me today. The very 1st bait I ever bought from Successful Baits UK and most certainly one of my favourites as I caught my PB on the CalaFrutti range early last year . 
Thank you all for reading 
CalaFrutti Dumbelz Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
CalaFrutti Dumbelz Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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