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Hi guys it’s Harry from Successful Baits UK and this is a write up of my 24 hr session at Float Fish Farm, Peterborough, Sand Lake. So it was the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend and my partner suggested we go camping with the kids. My 2 boys, ages 6 and 3, love camping! We both decided that Float Fish Farm would be the best place as we spent most of last year down there night fishing on Home Lake. There's a good head of carp in Home Lake, only a couple of known 20s but a very productive lake, real runs water. But we decided to go onto Sand Lake, where you have to book in advance, so we booked it that morning onto peg 5. 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Sand Lake is a great lake, having a good head of carp and catfish, with a lake record common carp of 32lb and a lake record of cat fish called Kimmy the Cat, at a huge 64lb! It has a margin of reeds all along the back edge, and also a reed island. Depths range from 7-8ft down peg 1 and peg 2 and peg 5, the last peg is 4-5ft - that’s the shallow end. It’s a silty bottom so light leads and long hooklinks - pop ups etc work well. So, that’s the information on the lake anyway.  
All day I was getting everything ready and sorted for the boys and then finally got round to sorting my fishing gear out, and suddenly remembered that the pegs are wooden boards! I sold my rod pod a while back as I prefer bank sticks! I immediately jumped into the group chat to appeal for help and the boss, Uwe, kindly allowed me to borrow his Cygnet Sniper rod pod! I arranged to pick that up on the way to the venue, as well as some pop ups and a bottle of fish care! With everything ready and sorted and packed into the car, before I knew it we were on our way to the bosses house to pick up the rod pod. I also chose some Nasty Shrimp bright pink pop ups, as the water colour on Sand Lake is very murky! I also grabbed the bottle of Dr Bob fish care, in case I came across a fish that needed treating. With the kids and the missus in the car we were finally off.  
We got to the venue, parked up near peg 5 and I started to unload the car while my partner took the kids for a walk around the other lakes, which one of my mates was fishing funnily enough. I got the bivvy up and sleeping arrangements sorted, everything all in place. I got the BBQ out for later that evening and the kettle etc., a proper home for a night. I could then start to set the rod pod and my rods etc. I went for 2oz on a drop off lead clip system, a rig that I make and use for 90 percent of my fishing! ESP tungsten loaded hooklink, semi stiff camo, size 6 in turned beaked hook, a long hair with a CalaFrutti boilie and a VNX+ wafter . On my other rod I had a 3 and a half foot zig with a Nasty Shrimp pop up on as the weather was super hot and I had seen fish in the upper layers. 
CalaFrutti Nasty Shrimp VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Dr Bob VNX+ Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The whole evening had passed and nothing at all! The boys were gutted, they really wanted to see daddy catch a big carp!  
We lit the BBQ and got our burgers on the go and had our dinner, which was absolutely banging, proper nice burgers! We then got the kids ready to settle for the night by reading bedtime books and my youngest fell asleep around half 8. My eldest really wanted to see the night out properly and chill with us, so we got the kettle on to all have a cup of tea and the bite alarm bleeped! He went nuts! 
"Dad, Dad, you got one Dad, quick!" he was going! 
I said, "No, no son, you must wait."  
"What for? It beeped!"  
I then said, " It will really bleep and start singing and dancing!"  
About 8 minutes after saying that, sure enough it was really making a noise! I lifted into it and it sure was up for a fight. About 10 to 15 minutes later I managed to net this beauty. As I peered over into the net I was certain it was a new PB, but the scales said different. This carp looked and felt huge, but an 18lb 6oz common was still welcome! 
VNX+ CalaFrutti Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Nasty Shrimp CalaFrutti Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
My son was buzzing, he loved it! Unfortunately, I couldn’t let him hold it as it is a big carp for a 6 year old. I put the lovely common back and re-cast my rod. I'd caught that carp on my famous rig! I’m known by all my friends for this method and rig, it really does work for me! I got the rod back out for the night. I pulled my other in and took the zig off and put a CalaFrutti boilie on, and a CalaFrutti dumbell, super bright yellow so highly visible! The rods were settled and out for the night and we soon got into the bivvy to get our heads down, with the hope of another fish through the night. I got woken up by the beautiful noise of a bite alarm at around 2:30 in the morning! I shot out of the bivvy and it wasn’t mine, it was the neighbour on peg 4! So it was back to bed for me. Unfortunately there was nothing for me during the night. 
Morning came and I re-cast. We lasted a further few hours but called it a day around 11:30. I left Float Fish Farm with a smile, so much so that soon as I got home we booked in for the end of the month for another 24hour session! 
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