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Hello guys it’s Harry from Successful Baits UK and this blog is a special one for me. With it being half term I picked my son up from his house on the Tuesday night and I asked him what he would like to do on the Wednesday as it was my day off as well. He suggested we spend a day together fishing, which sounded just great to me. The next morning I woke him up around half 6 and we got ready and set off to Fenland Fisheries, Ashtree Pool was the lake I had chosen for him as he certainly stood a chance of a bite. 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
After unloading the car he first chose a swim and next he chose his weapon of choice, being a Nash 6ft scope sawn off, perfect for him. He then set about choosing his bait. He was very undecided on what to choose, he liked the look of all the pops ups I have and eventually decided on the Nasty Shrimp bright pink neon pop up. I told him he had made a very good choice and he asked if I had caught on this and I told him I had had many carp on this particular bait. So, with that being said, we attached the pop up to the German rig, knowing that the lake bed was mainly heavy silt and it's very chody out there, so a small 1.5oz lead was chosen and again the pop up is the right approach, he chose well. Right so next was casting but he couldn’t quite get the hang of this yet so I said "you pick a spot and daddy will cast it there." Well, he decided to choose a spot that was no more than 4ft away, straight out in front. I asked if he was sure and his reply was "yes dad there are fish right there!" "Ok, if you say so" I replied and plonked it out on the spot for him, after which he placed the rod on the buzz bars and clipped on the bobbin. We then sat and made a nice cup of tea, peacefully watching the water for any signs of carp. I was teaching him some water craft and various other fishing related things and a couple of hours had passed by before boredom started to sneak in and he was asking for my 'phone to play games. I suggested we move his rod to a nice over hanging tree but he was not overly happy with the idea and strongly suggested we left it there as he was sure there were fish in that area. As much as I wanted him to catch it was his day and I wanted him to be able to do as he felt. A few freebies were scattered around the area and a couple more hours quickly passed by and not a bleep. I eventually gave in and gave him my phone to play games while we both sat in the brolly system in the Nash moon chair, which is mega comfy and fits us both in it. All of a sudden we were blessed with the sound of a screaming Sonik alarm. 
His face was a picture! We both shot up and he grabbed the rod, lifting into it and asking, "Dad, what do I do, help me," I told him to keep the rod high and reel it in slowly, when the fish pulled then loosen the clutch. It’s all back to front for him so I had to set the clutch just right so if the fish was to want to take line then it could do, but at the same time enough for him to reel in and play the fish. After a short battle of around 5/7 minutes I slipped the net under this amazing looking common carp. 
What a beautiful looking carp it was, amazing colours. He was so excited and super happy and I was more happy for him. It was such a proud moment for me, watching my son fishing, enjoying a sport that I absolutely love, it was just a mega feeling.  
We left the carp in the net while we set up the cradle and the camera in the right position and took a few practice shots. I wanted this picture to be a great one as it was my sons first ever carp. With everything in place and ready we lifted the carp into the cradle and un hooked it. We got into position and 'click click' - we were blessed with an epic picture. He tried to hold it himself but he didn’t feel confident so I didn’t want to force him and ruin the moment, but he was happy all the same.  
Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
We soon slipped the carp back to its home. He was so excited to get the rod back into position, and asked me if we could catch a bigger one, bless him. I told him it doesn't work like that, laughing away.  
With the rod in position for the rest of the session we hadn’t had any more bites or knocks so we moved a couple pegs up and started fishing to a reed line. Again it became very quiet and boredom struck again, so we slowly packed away and loaded up the car, leaving the rods in 'til last. 
Unfortunately we couldn’t produce any more carp but it was a fantastic day and we will both remember this day as he grows up and continues to fish. 
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