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Hello guys is Harry from Successful Baits UK, and the other day was my birthday. I booked the day off work although I had nothing planned, other than take my son to nursery for a change as I’m always in work when he needs to be in so it’s really nice to be able to take him when I can. After that me and my partner were a bit lost as what to do for 4 hours. Being my birthday I said to her wouldn’t it be nice to catch a birthday carp, and she said it would be epic! Awesome, so we now had a mission! 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
We were up against time, only having 4 hours until my son needed picking up so realistically only 3 hours fishing max! We had to load the car, get to the lake, have a walk about and find some carp, set up and try land a lake gem – and all this in just 3 hours! Sounded mad, but being my birthday I really wanted to get one. We loaded the car and shot down to the lake and I got to try my new Nash Mag Optix glasses out. I was excited a little to say the least, I absolutely love them and I found some carp that I wouldn’t have been able to see without them, or any polarised glasses in fact. My old ones snapped as, stupidly, I left them in my back pocket and sat on them. Anyway, we found some carp so offered a few freebies of the CalaFrutti Travellers with the catapult to near where I saw the carp patrolling. I quickly got my rods set up, using a stiff hinge rig with the Nasty Shrimp pink neon pop up on. The lake bed is very silty with some low-lying weed, only around an inch thick so having the stiff hinge rig popped up the bait perfectly. I tested this in the margins, always a great edge if you have clear margins, you can see and check how your rig is sitting and reacting under water. So, with the bait on and the rod set up I flicked it out, only around 30 yards, not far at all and felt the lead down and a solid donk, perfect, I felt confident on that. I got about setting my second rod up and put a multi rig on that one with the Scoberry pop ups on and put that rod fairly close to the other, around a rod length and a half apart. I’m not really one for putting all my eggs in one basket but, as I had seen a group of carp milling about that area it made sense to put the rods fairly close together and have a light scattering of freebies in a line. A nice trail if you like to my brightly coloured hook baits. Well, an hour had passed by rather quickly and a quiet one at that. So, change of tactic? Change of bait? No, I decided to sit on them as I was confident in the spots and the presentation so it’s just a case of if the carp are up for a munch. I had a small walk around to the corner of the lake where I could kind of see where my rods are and from that angle, sure enough there were some carp down there grubbing about, plenty of bubbles and action going on. Seeing this I knew that I did certainly have to sit on them and just wait, it was only a matter of time now. I trickled in a few more freebies over the top and around 10 minutes had passed and boom, away it went. 
The bite alarm didn’t have a chance to sing and dance as I was sat on them and I was hooked into what felt a nice size carp but one which had more of an attitude then weight to it. I played the fish for some time as he wasn’t too happy about being tripped up by my rig but I soon netted this scaly beauty, and I must say, what he lacked in weight he certainly made up for in looks, a beautiful mid double mirror. I unhooked him and got a couple of photos before I sent him on his way. There was still another half an hour to go so I got the rod out there again while I was slowly packing up. Unfortunately, I think hooking into that carp scared the others off. If I had had more time no doubt they would have returned at some point but time was against me and I really needed to shoot off. So, in total a 2 ½ hour session and one carp, and not just any carp, a BIRTHDAY CARP. Mega pleased and mission accomplished. Nasty Shrimp strikes again . 
Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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