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Hi guys it’s Harry from Successful Baits and this is a write up of my return visit to Big Pit Lake again, where I'd previously caught a wicked looking mirror carp with my son. 
My alarm was set for 7am, but I already knew I wouldn't be getting to the lake until mid day(ish) due to having a few jobs to do in the morning. After sorting these out I was off for my short session! 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
With the Pit being only 20 minutes or so away I soon arrived. Unfortunately the Pit Lake does get extremely busy so walking around and locating fish is difficult. I drove all the way to the other end of the pit and there were only 2 available swims left - one of which happened to be next to a fellow angler I was talking to 4 days ago and he’d been there since then! He'd had 9 fish in those 4 days. 
I decided to set up next to him as there were fish showing as we were speaking. I got what I could out of the car and walked down to the peg. Unfortunately I was greeted by a pair of rods and no angler ... I couldn’t work out what was going on, whether someone was packing away and moving or going home etc., so I asked the man to the left of me (not the man I was speaking to previously) if he knew who they belonged to and if they were moving. Well, they were actually his rods! He had 2 in the swim I wanted and 2 in the swim next to that! 4 rods in total and separate swims!!! To be honest I think that’s wrong and I had told him there was only one swim free now. Unfortunately the reply I got from him wasn’t a friendly one. I didn't want to get in to anything so I simply re- loaded the car and drove back to the 1st swim on the Pit. I hadn’t fished or even seen this swim before so it was all new to me. 
I unpacked and got the rods in ASAP as time was now getting on. I set one rod up with a multi-rig using the Calafrutti yellow pop ups, and my second rod I fished a longer hook link than normal as it seemed very soft in this swim. I tied it up using the ESP tungsten loaded semi stiff camo, a size 6 Nash twister hook with the VNX+ wafter with a corn topper, one of my favourite rigs! I also decided to go a little heavier on the leads, usually I use a 2oz but today I went up to a 3oz Fox distance lead. As the far reed margins seemed to look really good at the time, with a fish or two crashing far out, it was time to cast my rods and set the traps! 1st rod went in a treat! I felt solid a good thud from the lead and I felt confident in that! The second rod, well .... not so great! The spot I had chosen was perfect but unfortunately, unknown to me there was a corner swim and someone had shouted over saying "mate, I’m fishing there!" Ohh, I was gutted as I was also in a corner swim so unfortunately I was pushed into fishing close and I really couldn’t find a decent spot! I kept saying to myself "today is not my day" At one point I wanted to pack up and go home but I pulled the rods in and I went for a walk. I got talking to a very nice gentleman who informed me that he was leaving soon and he would come and get me when he got his rods in so I could have his swim, which was more open and accessible. 
I went back to my corner peg and got the rods in close range with a handful of Mussel Insect shelf life boilies over each rod. I didn’t want to go crazy as I was as just fishing for a bite and knew I would be moving again. A couple hours had passed by with no bleeps, no bites, no liners, only the sight of crashing fish at those far margins I couldn’t fish! However, it did give me some time to have a tidy up of my tackle and equipment until the gentlemen came round and let me know he was leaving in five minutes. 
I had already packed everything away apart from the rods so I got them in and drove a few pegs up. He had told me where he had been fishing and he hadn’t baited up he was fishing singles about 30 yds out. I got some bait in and I fished a lot further out, trying to get as tight to the reeds as I could. After a few attempts I got there so I clipped up and wrote down how many wraps so if I fish that peg again I have some info on it. I baited up with a PVA bag on each rod. I had changed the CalaFrutti pop up over to a Mussel Insect bottom bait topped with half a Krill Black Pepper 12mm pop up and kept the VNX+ wafter on also. I matched the Mussel Insect in my PVA bag with my hook bait and did the same for my VNX+ rig. I was really worried about the time though as it was starting to get on a bit and I hadn’t even fished properly yet! It was around 4 o’clock by the time I got my rods in. I couldn’t bear the thought of a blank after the morning I’d had just trying to fish! A hour and a bit had passed by with nothing! I could see a carp crash on a spot so I made the decision to bring a rod in and cast over to where is saw the activity. 
After about five minutes of doing so I had one bleep on the VNX+ wafter rod, I was so ready to catch at this point. It was a windy day though and the line had moved ever so slightly so I was fishing a slack line. I couldn’t work out if it was the wind though, the peg is fairly open and the wind had been howling at times. Well, I decided to lift into it after five or so minutes of watching the line bouncing around and to my surprise, I was into a fish! I really couldn’t believe it, I honestly thought it was a bream as it didn’t run or fight! I reeled this well behaved fish in and slipped the net under it, well, well, well, it certainly wasn’t a bream, it was a beautiful and perfect common carp that seemed to like the VNX + ! It only weighed in at 10lbs but trust me when I say this was a pristine carp, absolutely stunning and not a mark on it. I left the carp in the net while I got my bucket of water next to my cradle and set my camera up for a couple of super quick shots .. and here it is! 
After my quick pictures I released him back and I got the rod back out there for the last half hour of my crazy adventure. Unfortunately I didn't have anything else, but casting to that showing fish I managed to save a blank and come home after a stressful morning a happy angler. 
VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits VNX+ Wafter Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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On 23rd September 2018 at 10:33, James wrote:
Great read!

Casting to showing fish can often prevent a blank - and it paid off this time :-)
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