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Hello Guys, it’s Harry from Successful Baits UK and in this blog you join me back at the new lake where I have previously been catching and starting where I left off really. I caught 5 stunning carp in the last session and this one was just as good only better, with 4 carp being caught and one being a target carp! There are 2 named carp in this lake and I managed to get one of them, but we will get to that soon. 
Harry Stirling Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Usual antics, woke up in the morning around half 6, kettle on, got dressed, made myself a cup of coffee for the short 20 minute journey, loaded the car and off I set on my third session. All the way there I was planning my day, depending on where the carp were. You know, going over in my head, use this rig and make this one and do this again as that worked well and get my notes out on my spots I’ve been working on if the carp are there etc etc. The normal things I’m sure most of you other anglers do on your journey to the chosen venue. I arrived and headed straight to the swim that I’ve been fishing in and working out as the wind direction was the same, or thereabouts, as last time, hacking into the corner of the swim, and going by the last couple of times they seem follow that when it’s warm. Now this is only my 3rd session there but, in my head, with that wind pushing into the margins, knowing there is a drop off from the margin shelf, a lot of the naturals will be carried there by the undertow, so food is there and it won’t be long until the carp arrive! That’s what I think in my head anyway and it seems to be right as sure enough the carp were definitely there in numbers. Not many crashing about but with some polarised glasses on you can see them for sure as the water is really clear. First things first, I scattered a few of the Red Hot Bullet Travellers around the area and my spots, nothing too tight or close to my marked up spots, but I wanted them to be searching around for the bait, keep them there a while, keep them interested. I then started to set my brolly system up as the sun was beating down and it’s nice to get out of the sun after a while. 
I then got the rods out and set them up. I chose to put on the Seafood pop ups on again as I’ve been really smashing that place up with those at the minute, and the other rod, although I have caught on other bait in there, I put on the Nasty Shrimp neon pop ups on to try out again and see how I got on. Same rigs also as last time as everything I’ve been doing seems to be working so no need to change. I had tried other rigs and set ups but didn’t get a bite but since changing tactics I’ve been doing well. So, with all that being said I got the distance sticks out, wrapped up clipped up and stuck them on the spots. There were 3 other anglers on the lake and all seemed really quiet.  
Rods had been out maybe only 30 minutes and the silence was broken with the noise of a one toner Sonik SKS alarm - beeeeeeepppppppp!! Mega times – I was hooked into a hard fighting carp. I couldn’t tell what it was or how big it was but it certainly knew how to go a few rounds. As it got closer to the bank I could see a glimpse of scales and yes, it was a lovely little common carp weighing in at 11lb3oz falling to the Nasty Shrimp pop up, amazing. 
Seafood Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Nasty Shrimp Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Got a quick picture and released the little guy back into his home and then got the rod straight back on the money, followed by a few more handfuls of Red Hot Bullet 14mm freebies. After 20 minutes or so standing in the sun looking into the crystal clear water I had to take shelter, the sun was beating down on my neck and stupidly, I’d only taken one bottle of water with me so the shade is where I spent most my time, other than looking over my spots seeing carp cruising around, brilliant sights! Anyway, I was in the brolly system sorting out my bag and tidying my rig box etc when I had a serious liner. I thought it was a run but turned out to be a liner.  
It wasn’t long after that, probably only 10 minutes, when my alarm was singing and dancing again, the other anglers looking on while I’m playing a carp. It was making a right old commotion and rightfully so as it was nailed in the bottom lip - the Seafood pop up strikes again. I must say it was quite a looker for a miniature, hovering around the 13lb mark this little character had such a short temper and put up a good fight off the bank and on the bank, but seemed to be fairly good for me with the pictures, and one of my favourite photos of the session, and to be honest, for a small carp one of the coolest I’ve had I think .. safe to say me and this little carp that I called ‘Chubby’ seemed to get on well! 
As I put him back into the shallow margin he sat there just cruising around for a good 5 minutes maybe more while I was feeding him bite size chunks of my meal deal sandwich! Lovely little character that one, I really hope to catch ‘Chubby’ again some time! 
So, after saying our good byes I catapulted a few pouches of freebies over the spot and left it for around 45 minutes, only having one rod out. When all seemed quiet and tranquil I got it back out there. Just resting the swim after catching seems to make a lot of sense to me, there might be some bait left down there but after the commotion and the bottom stirred up it makes sense to chuck a few freebies over it and let it all settle and then, after about 40 minutes or so, chuck a couple more handfuls out then get the rod back on it. 
So, both rods back in the water and this is where it gets fun. No other anglers seemed to have caught anything, from what I had seen anyway, and all was extremely quiet, BUT, I see this HUGE bow wave heading over toward my spot, this carp was just cruising on the surface but it clearly was a big one, as the wave it was creating you would think a bait boat was out there you know! I put my Nash Mag Optix on and my god, as clear as day there she is - the target carp heading straight over towards my baited spots! My legs went like a paper giraffe, my heart was pounding! Just the thought of it being this near was enough to set any angler on edge. I knew this was one of the 2 named carp. I’ve been told it’s very much a loner fish, very rarely gets seen with other carp and there she is, on her own, real old warrior, second in command. My adrenaline is going nuts at this point you know, I’ve seen it’s her and she’s close, the water is so clear here I actually see the named target fish go down. I was sat on my rods, literally, just waiting but some time went by and not much was seen or heard after she went down ... beep beeep beeeep beeeeep beeeeeeeepppppppppp strike! Guys, I’ve had a few carp from this lake you know, I’ve had the 22lb mirror, the 19lber, a couple other mid to high doubles, some low doubles etc but this was something else! My clutch was tight you know fishing to the reeds as I was it was tight, but there was no stopping this carp. I could feel this horrible vibration through the line and this twingy twangy feeling grating on something. The reeds were moving and clearly she had me in there, I tried to stop her but she wasn’t having none of it and before I knew it I was locked up in the reeds, no movement, damn it! What felt a good fish and as any other angler would be thinking it was definitely the named carp you know, I slacked the line right off and put the rod back down on the alarm etc .. slacked the line off a little and just waited. I saw the reeds moving so maybe something was still in there you know? Well, after around 7-10 minutes the line pulled to, then slack, then pulled tight again, and slack. I tightened the clutch again and as it tightened I lifted into it and yes it had come out, she must of thought she was free but no, I was attached to the end and the rod was bent over nicely and there was a good weight on the end of it. She seemed to come in fairly easily until a rod length away and my god she shot off like a rocket, kiting right and wiping my right-hand rod out. With that buzzing away I had to try and get down low enough, while playing this bully of a carp, and loosen the clutch and take it off the alarm. This carp really knew where she wanted to go and kept heading to the reeds and then back to the right. This went on for some time, it was one heck of a battle. Never have I, in all my years carp fishing, had a fight like this! My legs were weak, my forearm was like a stone and I was shaking. Full of a great energy and buzzing with adrenaline as the carp got closer and closer .. and then shot out again and nearly took my other rod in as it was in such a mess, line everywhere. This head banger of a carp really tried to ruin my session. I finally managed to get it in close range and slip the net under this absolute bully, and yes guys, can you believe it, a fish known as ‘The Parrot’ - usually hovering around the 28lb mark but I had it spawned out at 24lb 4oz and what a gnarly old warrior, this carp is unreal. I broke the net down and carried it over to the cradle put it in the floating retention sling and left it floating there for 5 or ten minutes while I went to get help but no one seemed to want to help me with photos etc so I set the camera up and managed to get some awesome shots of it myself, absolutely buzzing and really made up as it’s now my PB, and a named carp from the new lake caught on the Seafood pop ups, and only the 3rd session in. 
Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
I slipped this dark old warrior back and watched it swim off so peacefully, what a mega sight and I wished I had videotaped this session. Well, 20 minutes or so had passed by being on the phone etc., I had to cut both lines and then tie everything as she really had tangled me up. With both rods set up and back out on the spot, I was flicking through the pictures constantly, you know just looking at them over and over again, noticing little things each time on this absolute gem. An hour had passed by rather quickly with no sign of any carp so I decided to pack everything down and to one side, only leaving the rods out and the net. Cradle was down and away etc and I said to myself only 5 more minutes. Now, as anglers, our ‘5 more minutes’ are like our ‘one last cast’ you know, so it was probably more like 15 minutes. Well I got one rod in and while putting this rod away the left hand one rattled off. So I lifted into this dead weight, felt a really good fish again you know. It came in fairly easy to be fair, not much fight to it but it didn’t like being in the net. The Seafood pop up doing it again for me. Amazing times, I have pure confidence in this bait. It hasn’t been out long, it’s a new one to the range but has really been doing it for me and other team members. I had to secure the net in place with my bank stick while I unpacked the cradle and sling and set the camera up etc. I hadn’t even looked in the net yet, I knew it was a chunk but wanted to get set back up quickly. With everything in place and ready I broke the net down and got some pictures and weighed this common carp and a respectable 18lb 2oz, immaculate as well, not a mark on it and, as I’m sure you will agree, another true lake stunner. I got a couple of pictures and sent it on its way. 
Seafood Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits Seafood Pop Ups Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
I then packed everything down with an all time high, a feeling I can’t even explain. What a mega, mega session! I loaded the car and set off in the sun. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my partner and son. It’s the first time they haven’t been out with me in a long time and they really were gutted they couldn’t enjoy the moment! Truly good times. Massive respect to every one of you anglers and I hope to see and catch up with you guys soon. Any questions or advice please get in touch through Facebook or leave me a comment etc. Thank you to my supporters and thank you to the lake and those epic carp. 
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