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Recently I joined a club water which I have known about for a while but haven’t got round to fishing. With my syndicate beating me up again and again, I thought it would be nice to catch a few decent size carp. The lake is about 8 acres with a good head of carp. With the limited time I have at the moment it was perfect, being reasonably close to home. 
The first time I went down to the reservoir I met Uwe and he pointed me to a good swim called 'the reeds'. As the name suggests, to the right of the swim you can access 60 yards of reed bed. If you fish your rigs slammed up to the reed bed it is about 6ft of water. When you drop off the reeds by a rod length it shelves off to 12 ft and again to 20ft+. 
As it was a baking hot day I decided to fish locked up in 6ft of water. The wind was trickling into the swim and it just felt like I was going to nick a few bites. I put half a kilo of the Nasty Shrimp boilies out, trying to draw a few carp down to the spot. An hour passed but nothing had happened, then I saw a carp leap completely out of the water at 70 yards range near the island. I quickly reeled a rod in and dropped a rig on its head. Then scattered a few baits over the rod. Bang! Straight away, fish on! After a dogged fight in the deep water, I slipped the net under the fish. It was a common of 12lb, it was quickly unhooked and slipped back as I had seen a few fish lumping out over the original spot near the reeds. 
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I got back down the reservoir about 2 weeks later and managed a day session. I rocked up to the lake about 9 am and spotted the carp leaping everywhere in this one corner. I thought 'happy days, should be in for a few fish'. Unfortunately, it did not go like that. The conditions were spot on for carping. Overcast, rain showers and big south westerly winds. Horrible conditions to sit out in especially on top of a reservoir exposed to the elements. After four or five hours of blanking on the bottom I decided to start using zigs. In 20+ foot of water it's a bit tricky finding the depth they are sitting at and casting long zigs. 
To cut a long story short found the carp were sitting 13ft off the bottom. I was spombing a cloudy mix over the zigs which consisted of VNX Stickmix, CLS liquid and VNX liquid. This was done every 30 minutes. I finally nicked a finicky take on the yellow zig and after a real short battle I had landed a nice mid double mirror. I guess it was about 16 pound. That was it for the day as I had not blanked and the wind and rain was getting stronger. 
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I wanted both rods on that spot now. I cast and it cracked down onto some firm clay which must have been recently fed on. I knew it was a bite. I saw the water clouding up, I was on the edge of my seat. The alarm bleeped once, then quick as a flash the bobbin slammed into the blank and I was into another hard fighting carp.  
Every take was savage and if I wasn’t using snag ears I am sure that my rod would have been pulled off the alarm. After a few hectic minutes of the fish trying to get into the thick reed bed, I managed to guide it away into open water. From there it was plain sailing, I was gaining line slowly but surely.  
The fish was plunging around in the deep margins. The fight had been slow and ponderous, I had a suspicion that it was a better carp. A mirror carp hit the surface, I swiftly swooped the net under it. I peeled back the folds of the net and my prize was a good sized linear carp. It was a bit difficult to lift the carp out and onto the mat as the lake is three foot down because of irrigation. The scales swung round to 23lb; I took a couple of snaps of the carp and slipped it back into the clear water of the reservoir. 
Nasty Shrimp Boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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