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For the last couple of years I kept saying to myself that I would get back on the river again. This year I finally got round to it. I was frustrated with carp fishing after everywhere beating me up through the colder months. After seeing a few of my mates catch some awesome chub I decided I had to go and catch some for myself. 
I got a ticket for a small bit of river that has done some big chub in the past. I got the cheese paste ready and VNX+ Stick Mix. I left the house about midday, buzzing about a bit of river fishing again. After walking up and down the channel where I was going to fish I had spotted a few prime swims with slack water on the inside of the bank and the fast water running down the far bank. The river was in prime condition after all the rain and snow we have had. The colour was just dropping out after the flood conditions. I went back to the car and got the bait. I threw 2 balls of ground bait in to each swim. I prefer a roving approach on small channels as the fish normally spook after you catch one. 
The conditions were so good with south westerly winds and low pressure. It was mild for a January day so I thought I was in for a few fish. It turned out that all of the carp fishing I have been doing has not helped me to be stealthy, and on small channels that is so important because you can spook all the fish in the swim even before you cast in. I definitely ruined a few swims with my elephant feet. I fished in each swim for about twenty minutes before moving to the next. My tactics were wrapping cheese paste around the 1oz gripper lead and fishing a whole lob worm on the hook. Even small chub are so greedy. 
After fishing a few swims and not getting a touch I was getting a bit disheartened but I had not fished my banker swim. There is a weir pool at the top of the channel and then it narrows up into the main channel. The fast water flows along the far bank and there is a nice glide which drops into a pool. There are always fish knocking around this area. I'd baited the spot at the start of the day and left this swim for a while as I wanted to try and catch a better fish. 
VNX+ Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The more fish you can get feeding the better chance you have of getting a bait in without spooking them on such a small channel. I lowered the bait in and after sitting there for ten minutes thinking I was going to blank the rod tip hooped over, finally I'd hooked one. The way it was fighting, darting to every snag, I knew it was a small chub as I slid the landing net under the fish. Brilliant, I had not blanked! I unhooked the chub in the net and sent it on its way. I had no other fish after that but it was a brilliant days fishing and I am looking forward to a few more days on the river. I loved the change from the frustrations of winter carp fishing, it's proper peace and tranquility. 
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