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I joined Uwe for another day session on the reservoir. I turned up to the lake about 10 am and got the rods out quickly to the island as Uwe was already fishing in the swim next door. I had just got set up and Uwe was in and shortly landed a lovely mid double common. It was nice to see one on the bank but I was twitching to catch one myself. 
All of my rods were fishing in 6ft of water slammed up against the island. I scattered a few VNX+ boilies around the area but the seagulls were being annoying as ever. An hour went past with nothing to show for it and I had to change something because I had seen a few fish leaping out of the water. I dropped a rod off the first down to the second shelf in 10ft of water as it was now getting colder during the day. A boosted VNX+ bottom bait with a bag of Scoberry Stickmix was on this rod. The wind was pushing from left to right across the swim, the wind had a chill to it. I was happy about the decision I made to drop one in to the deeper water. Minutes went by and the bobbin slammed into the blank and nearly pulled my rod out of the back rest. The carp ran to the right but I persuaded it to come back round in front of the swim and the net was slipped under a nice mid double mirror carp. 
VNX+ boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Hope you all have had a great summer and now we have the winter to contend with. I'm sure I will be trying to catch some cold water carp and probably will have a dabble on some flowing water 
I then put two rods on that second shelf in 10ft of water, scattered a few more freebies over the rods and sat back expecting it to happen again quite quickly, but catching one and the re-casting had made them push off the area. I would love to say that baiting up was nice and easy, but it was a nightmare with the wind and those pesky seagulls, or flying rats as I like to call them, diving in and eating a fair amount of the VNX+ boilies. Even after all that disturbance I was sure that they would come back. I sat back and waited. An hour went past then the wind changed direction pushing straight into the swim. 
Then I started to see a few carp leaping out of the water around the island. A small common burst out of the water 20 yards past the island, then another and another. The shows were getting closer and then I saw a couple of mirror carp leap right over the rods. About 20 minutes later my right rod burst into life which was the rod on the second shelf down in 10ft of water of the island. The fish came straight in to the swim like a dog on a lead but it would not give up under the rod tip. I managed to guide the fish over the net cord. It was another nice mid double mirror carp and a great way to finish the session. 
VNX+ boilies Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
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