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After my retirement from LUL and returning from the Team Petit Pretre French trip I’d decided to target the carp in Snake Pit as I would have more time on my hands, or so I thought. It did not turn out as I'd planned. 
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I'd walked around Snake Pit many times as I live only 10 minutes away, and I'd fished it a few times before over the years. Family and work had always stopped me from putting the time in on there. It's a hard, weedy water with a low stock of carp so I knew it was not going to be easy. The club had restocked the pit with some lovely mirrors after the Snake Pitt Common had died so tragically the year before. I had planned to put in one mid-week 24 hour session every week and the first two 24 hour sessions produced two blanks. I had not expected to catch anything so I was not disheartened. But things were not going to go as planned, as the following week came round the pit closed for spawning, just before I was due to go over for my next session. It was going to be June before it reopened so I moved back to my old lake, Layer Pit. But even this lake was opening and closing due to the carp starting then stopping spawning. I did manage one session on 17th May on Layer and caught three commons to 15lb using the VNX+ boilies. 
Things to take away from this month: 
• Getting the time to fish Snake Pit going to be hard. 
• It's been a long time since I fished a weedy lake and I have something to learn over again. 
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