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Petit Pretre is in the Champagne Region of France, between Reims and Nancy, consisting of 3 lakes:- 
Cloisters is 7.5 acres with 10 swims and a head of approximately 230 carp; a lake record of 64lb 8oz, with another known 60 plus, up to ten known 50s, several 40s and loads of 30s. 
Chapel is 5 acres with 4 swims suitable for up to a maximum of 4 anglers. A good stock of Mirrors and Commons over 30lb+ and fifteen 40lb+ fish, and at least five 50lb+ fish. The lake record is 58lb 6oz, with approximately 110 carp. 
Temple is a runs water of 4 acres, with one large triple swim, space for up to 3 anglers. The lake is well stocked with Mirrors and Commons with at least six 40lb+ fish and approximately 150 carp. 
Charlie Pitt Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
I was going to be fishing Cloisters with 4 other friends – Del, Mitch, Jim, Simon and myself. A great bunch from England and Germany. After a walk around Cloisters we had a draw and I came out 3rd, happy days. Del went in to swim 1, Simon swim 5, me swim 10 & 11, Jim 6 & 7 and Mitch swim 3, later moving in to swim 4. There were 4 other anglers fishing Chapel. 
Settling in to swims 10 and 11, which are only 5 meters apart and are at right angles to each other, we as a group had agreed that swims 6 & 7 and 10 & 11 would be classed as one swim each. Putting one rod into swim 10, fishing the solar sluice, midway down the dam wall. Then I placed 2 rods into swim 11, one under the tree opposite the swim at 50 yards range, the other rod in front of the boat sluice on the right hand corned of the dam wall. These three spots would be my night time spots throughout the week, and I continuously fed them with trout pellets and chopped Seafood boilies after reeling in for breakfast and dinner and walked round to the clubhouse at the other end of the dam wall each morning and evening. At other times I was fishing to showing fish or other signs of carp throughout the day. 
The first carp came at 12.50am on May 12th – a Mirror of 27lb falling to a Red Spice Fish Dumbell pop up on a D rig over a bed of trout pellets and chopped Seafood boilies.  
Then, at 10.30am on May 12, a Common of 27lb 10oz, falling to the same tactics and the same spot as the first carp, the solar sluice.  
I then had to wait until 5.55pm on May 13th to catch this lovely 36lb Mirror from the boat sluice, again on a D-Rig with the Red Spice Fish Dumbell pop up. 
The next carp was a change of tactics as just as I was about to retreat in to my bivvy I caught sight of a fish showing in mid water, so I placed a rod on the spot it had shown and at 23:25 on the 14th I awoke to a screaming alarm and a nice 19lb 14oz Common graced my net, caught on a KD rig with a PVA bag of chopped Seafood boilies. 
Red Spice Fish Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The 16th was my best day of the trip, with 3 carp on the bank from the solar sluice. At 00:05 a 30lb 8oz Mirror, caught on a 360 rig with a Red Spice Fish Dumbell pop up; 06:40 a Mirror of 30lb, on the same rig and bait; 12:40 my last carp of the week, a 21lb 8oz Mirror on the same rig and bait. 
Red Spice Fish Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Red Spice Fish Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Red Spice Fish Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The week had been a little slow all-round – Simon had nine carp to upper twenties, Del managed to winkle out one mid-twenty. Mitch had the biggest carp out of Cloisters at 38lb as well as another 30 and a mid-20 and Jim had a 36lber and several twenties. It had been a fun week with some great lads – see you next May. And thanks to the owners of Petit Pretre, Bob and Helen – I’ll see you both at the work party in November. 
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