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With Snake still closed I put some day sessions in over Layer, always great place to get a bend in the rod and the lads are a great bunch. I did the odd short session catching to average mid double commons. Then back to Snake when it reopened for another 24 hour session, only to blank again but there was always the next week, or so I thought! 
carp fishing bait successful baits
But no, there was not, as I needed to have a cap fitted on a tooth. So instead, as I could not get in any 24 hour sessions and I'm not an overnighter type of carp fisherman (it's only ever 24-48 hour sessions or short day session for me) it was back to Layer for short sessions. It is a very flat, soft silty bottomed pit and there are three ways most club members fish it this time of the year. First, a 3 foot zig, spodding a sloppy mix over the top, second, a bottom rig with a PVA bag of crushed boilies or third, a bottom bait, spodding particles over the top. On the 28th fishing the last method I had a good session in a swim called Boathouse. It's no longer one of the favoured swims as over the years it's been heavily fished and the carp now shy away from the area. But after my walk around Layer there seemed to be a lot carp showing in front of the Boathouse. Back to car park and I barrowed my kit to the swim. Placing both my rods to the right of the swim, towards the old oak tree on the opposite bank at a range of 60 yards. It turned out to be a good day, with four common carp to 20lb 8oz. All falling to the Successful Bait Krill boilies. This time of year I like a strong fishy based boilie and the carp definitely like Krill boilies on Layer. 
Things to take away from this month: 
• June has not panned out as planned. 
• Krill boilies work this time of year. 
• Retirement does not necessarily mean more time on the bank! 
• I’m going to have to put more time into Snake Pit. 
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