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July was a good month and I managed to get out on the bank for 5 short 8 hour sessions over at my club day water, and one 24 hour session over at Snake Pit. 
Charlie Pitt Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The short sessions were very productive with 15 carp on the bank, all of them between 10lb and 18lb 4oz, and all of them falling to Krill boilies fished with either a snowman rig or pop ups fished using a hinged stiff rig, over a bed of hemp and chopped boilies at a range of 60 yards (15 wraps). As the bottom is flat soft silt without any features It’s a settlement lake for the water authority. It’s just a case of drawing the carp in with a bed of hemp with a few boils to your spots. Great for a bite and a bend in the rod. 
Charlie Pitt Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
Snake Pit is proving to be very hard and is a very weedy water. I've not seen a carp on the bank so far but I’m beginning to feel more comfortable fishing such a weedy water. I’ve now fished five of the swims, choosing to fish a different swim each time, letting the fish decide where I set up and not just sitting in a swim I feel comfortable in. There are a couple of spots close to the bank, but not clear of weed, that I’m feeding with a handful of boilies before and after I fish the water and every time I walk around the lake. These spots you cannot cast to from any of the swims, so they are not fished. I'm able to watch these spots to see if the Krill and VNX+ boilies are being take by the carp. The idea is to get the carp used to taking the Krill and VNX+ boilies confidently, so that when they do find it in a spot I have a rig in they will feed on it with confidence. I have seen one very nice mirror feeding on one of these spots that I've been baiting with VNX+. Both spots are being cleaned of the bait and slowly of weed as well so things are look up for my next trip. 
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