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I arrived at my club lake at 6am, to be greeted by a dense, low lying mist. Although this made observing the lake virtually impossible, I could hear the fish crashing on one side of the lake so I loaded my barrow and headed off in that direction. The first 3 swims were empty, with no signs of fish activity. 
Charlie Pitt Successful Baits UK Ltd Carp Fishing Baits
The next 3 swims were already taken and all had carp cruising in front of them with their backs out of the water. The 7th swim was free and I could see the carp cruising about 30 - 50 yards out. I couldn't pass up that invitation, so I parked my barrow and started by catapulting some floater pellets soaked in Nasty Shrimp, to see if I could get them feeding off the top. Even though the pellets, and the oil coming off them, drifted through the cruising carp, they didn't react, so the floater rod stayed leaned up against a nearby tree. 
The next rod was made up with a 5 foot zig rig, with a Nasty Shrimp pop-up which was cast out past the cruising carp and slowly reeled back to 40 yards out. The other rod was cast to 64 yards with a bottom multi rig with 14mm Nasty Shrimp boilies and a small pop-up soaked in Nasty Shrimp. I spodded out 6 loads of activator pellets, 14mm whole and chopped Nasty Shrimp boilies - all soaked in Nasty Shrimp activator liquid. 
The zig rig accounted for the first common carp, and just as I'd weighed this and was putting the zig rig back into the lake, the left hand rod zipped off, giving me a lovely looking 20lb 4oz common. 
I ended my day with 5 common carp, including three 20's to 21lb 8oz, and one mirror carp - for a total of 6 carp. A successful days fishing, thanks to Successful Baits Nasty Shrimp
carp bait carp fishing boilies
carp bait carp fishing boilies
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