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I have recently had a fair bit of time off in order to get back to the big pit that I've been on. Unfortunately, due to the excessive hot weather the fish in there had started spawning early and the fishery had shut in the mean time. 
So today I nipped out to a new venue, on arriving I was pleasantly surprised to see that around 100 fish had pushed to the back of the lake behind a set of pads, directly opposite to the only two anglers who were there before my arrival. Quickly I set about getting two single stiff hinge rigs out, one with VNX+ and the other with a Pineapple Pop Up. Successful Baits Pineapple Pop Ups are new to my armoury and their extreme acidity makes them a firm favourite of mine from the entire collection. With two rods in position I sat back, certain of a bite any second. An hour passed and slowly the fish began to leave the area. 
carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits
Suddenly, I noticed a large mirror drift through the margin beneath my feet, followed by two smaller commons. They settled and started stirring up the bottom, just down to my left. Quietly, I flicked out 5 or 6 Scoberry soaked pellets, watching them slowly drift out they were back within 30 seconds and again began stirring up the bottom. Again I flicked 6 Scoberry soaked pellets onto the spot and again they drifted away slowly, as quickly and quietly as I possibly could I brought my closer range rod in which happened to be the one fishing the pineapple pop up and lay it directly on the spot. Sitting back away from the margin it took all of a minute for the line to start twitching as the fish had moved back in undeterred.  
Suddenly the bobbin hit the blank and line snatched out of the clip, I was away. As I struck into it I could feel it wasn't the big mirror I had seen but none the less I was in and a carp is beautiful no matter its size. It drove hard for an sunken tree and momentarily the line flicked against the branches, turning it, a short battle followed as it shot up and down the margin, before I managed to slip the net under a very a tidy looking little common carp.  
Holding it up on the scales they rolled round to 17lb 3oz. A cracking little common carp and in just under 2 hours on the bank a fantastic result.  
Photographed and released, I turned to the cradle and saw the spawn in the bottom. Now I love fishing as much as the next angler but when the fish are spawning I have no interested in presenting a bait to them. With this I packed my gear up and headed for home, already waiting to get out once they'd returned to normal. 
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