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In April I hit the complex with a new plan in mind. The fish were obviously keen on small food items, due to the amount of naturals in the lake. I spent the days prior to my session preparing a basic, fish based spod mix, whilst keeping oils to a minimum due to the colder weather. On this occasion I only had time for a single night and I was gutted when I arrived at the fishery to find that it was abnormally busy and I would therefore have to try my hand at the venues other big fish water, which was yet to do a single bite since the turn of the year. 
Due to the time frame we had we opted for a social swim to make the most of being on the bank as a team, as this time Nathan and Darren had joined me. Two rods went out on clean gravel areas off the back of a quickly developing weed bed, in which the insect life had irrupted. Sadly and half expectedly the end of the session arrived without the joy of a fish. Oh well, I'd be back on the big pit in 2 weeks, feeling good about the coming session I headed home. 
The weeks rolled round and before I knew it I was back down, and what a difference the time had made. A sudden burst of heat and brought the place to life. Greenery, weed growth and a few shows made for a totally different atmosphere. After a solid show from a decent fish I settled into one of the lakes point swims, and quickly found 3 spots with minimal disturbance. One on a small clean gravel spot and the other 2 smooth silt spots off the back of the now impressive weed beds that the lake is renowned for. Stiff hinged rigs dropped nicely onto each spot topped with an enhanced VNX+ pop up. The rods set patiently for near 36 hours as did I and my fishing Pup in training. 
carp fishing bait successful baits carp fishing bait successful baits
carp fishing bait successful baits
Suddenly the left hand rod started to drop quickly, I tightened up to it and found myself attached to a strong fish that quickly kited left towards a dense set of snags lining one of the islands, baring down hard on it I fought to turn the fishes head, and for a short moment thought my first fish from the pit was going to leave as quickly as it came, but it turned and came away unfortunately driving straight into a developing weed bed. Again trying to turn my prize I felt a single big head shake, followed by the sinking feeling all anglers will know of the fish bumping off as you suddenly feel no resistance. I sunk to my knees looking at the bubbles rising to the surface from where the fish at sunk back through the weed, in simple terms I was gutted. The session finished without anymore action and unfortunately that is where my antics on the big pit end to the present day. Putting 10 days aside at the start of May to fish it fell on the lake shutting due to the fish starting to spawn early and since, well life has got in the way again, allowing me just a few short day sessions in the past few months. Until my next entry good luck with your angling exploits and stay Successful. 
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